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Take time to let go, to discover your body and your place in nature. Listen to your environment, your movements, your imagination and create by expressing yourself. Your experience is a journey into our universe through your introspection. 

Creative Harmony is a virtual reality artwork composed of two collaborative and participative spaces, sharing the same virtual world in real time.

Your experience consists in creating a global virtual landscape through your gestures and your letting go. You and your creative partners can make elements of the environment appear and disappear, recreating the virtual world in which you are immersed.

Like a symphony orchestra, each of you will have to listen and respond to each other with gestures captured in real time.

Distance is no longer a problem of communication but a way to create together.

Exhibited at

Ars Electronica 2020, Autria

LEV Festival Matadero 2021, Spain

Journée Science Musique 2021, France

Recto VRso Festival 2022, France


Artistic direction;
Julien Lomet

Scientific and technical direction: Ronan Gaugne, Valérie Gouranton

Artistic supervision: Joël Laurent, Cédric Plessiet

Technical development : Pierre Duc-Martin, Mehdi Aouichat, Bastien Daniel, Timothée Durgeaud, Johan Julien

Artistic development: Julien Lomet, Johan Julien

Music, live: Pierre Huyghe (Ephere)

Dance: Johan Julien, Cecile Tasse, Bruce Chiefare, Magali Julien, Hajar Nouma

Producers : IRISA Inria Rennes, Université Rennes 2, Université Paris 8

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