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David & Goliath is a virtual metaphorical journey.

In a pictorial and virtual universe, symbolist and surrealist, the spectator travels in several different worlds, with various interactivities.

From a virtual museum, a metaphor for the neural system, he walks in a surreal and anxious desert, before arriving in a new fractal environment. 

The artwork is no more simply exposed and observed, it is inclusive, interactive, literally represented or evoked.

Exposée au Festival Recto VRso

(Laval, France) en avril 2019


Artistic direction;
Julien Lomet

Technical development: Michel Perucca, Antoine Posnic, Jean-Baptiste Bordier, Prune Forget, Alan Gaubert, Dorian Screm

Artistic development: Julien Lomet

Music: Adrien Ordonneau (Makinist)

Producers: ISTIC Rennes 1, INReV Paris 8, Université Rennes 2


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